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At Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU), students have the opportunity not only to train their minds but also to nurture their spiritual lives, in order to become maturing servants of God.  The MACU family gathers in Davenport Chapel on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for a time of worship and teaching.  Students assist in planning our weekly chapel programs, serving as speakers, song leaders, instrumentalists, and singers.  At other times, a faculty member or a missionary, alumnus, or other guest speaks in chapel. The mission of MACU is to create extraordinary leaders, both occupationally and spiritually.







People Singing in Chapel

DISCLAIMER: Any information, statements or opinions contained in this podcast are those of the individual speaker(s). They do not necessarily represent those of Mid Atlantic Christian University staff, faculty, trustees, or students. The information is meant for educational purposes or spiritual encouragement and in no way constitutes psychological advice.

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