Impact. Transform. Lead.

Chapel 02 12 13

February 12, 2013

Band members include Clint Brothers, Dave Broyles, Brandon Davis, Elizabeth Sanchez, and Evan Tanner. Message spoken by Aaron Saufley. The song at the end was sung by Katie and Dave Broyles.


Chapel 02 06 13

February 06, 2013

Music led by Conise Green, Angus Spencer, and Demetrius Stokely. Dr. Kevin Larsen introduces the speaker Igor Ciobanu (09:09), and Igor begins speaking afterwards (10:55).


Chapel 02 05 13

February 05, 2013

Music led by Clint Brothers, Dave Broyles, Brandon Davis, Stephanie Empson, and Evan Tanner. Internship experience message by Olivia Crehan.


Chapel 1 30 13

January 30, 2013

Chapel worship led by John Smoot, and the message was brought by Eric Allen.


Chapel 1 29 13

January 29, 2013

Chapel Worship led by Dave Broyles, Rob Shields, and Judson Simpson. Message brought by Matt Proffitt.