MACU Motorcycle Rally: Bob Morton Memorial Ride

July 18, 2011

9/10/2011 - Come join us for the two hour ride in beautiful eastern North Carolina.  Lunch provided, student musicians, and Mike Wise speaking.  Rally will be 8:30-2:00 pm. Online registration here: Registration Form To register offline contact Sandra Perkins at

Pressing On

July 18, 2011

The university continues to mourn the events of Oct. 3 and to encourage everyone to pray, especially for the families involved. A broad range of counseling and pastoral services have been available to students, staff, and faculty. They have included but have not been limited to pet therapy, general counseling, professional counseling, and pastoral counseling. The university expresses deep appreciation to her graduates and alumni for their love and care. Many are trained in ministry and counseling, and they have been of great service to their alma mater throughout this ordeal. The university also emphasizes her gratitude for the many community ministers and counselors who have volunteered their services and support. She is also grateful for the outpouring of love from the Elizabeth City community and her officials. Thank you for traveling this road with us. We invite you to read or listen to: The Jonathan Schipper Scholarship October 4, 2010 Press Release October 5, 2010 Press Release October 6, 2010 Press Release October 7, 2010 Press Release October 8, 2010 Press Release A Call to Prayer, October 8 Memorial Service Program A Call to Prayer, October 8 Memorial Service Podcast

Listening For God's Call: Amanda Steiner

July 18, 2011

I was not raised in church. In fact, I did not accept Jesus into my heart until I was almost thirteen. I have always been what most would call different. I have never been the type of person who followed the crowd just to fit in. Even before I knew Christ, if something was wrong in my heart I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. God has blessed me with many talents and passions. I enjoy drawing, singing, writing poetry, and children. I remember my junior year of high school pondering what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that in whatever I did, I wanted to serve God and bring glory and honor to His kingdom. I finally narrowed down my choices to two careers: an art teacher and a youth minister. I decided to try out both of these fields and see which I felt God was leading me into. Art Teacher? Youth Minister? I signed up for teacher cadet at my high school. Teacher...

Military Friendly School

July 18, 2011

According to Rich McCormack, Publisher of G.I. Jobs magazine, this honor ranks Mid-Atlantic Christian University in the top 15% of all colleges, universities and trade schools nationwide. At MACU we are proud to provide educational opportunities for military men and women. We humbly thank them for fighting for our freedoms. The Military Friendly Schools list is determined through exhaustive research by the G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Schools® team. This research includes government agencies and private entities which administer education benefits and a comprehensive survey administered by G.I. Jobs. Criteria for the award include certifications, programs and policies, VA approval to accept the GI Bill, academic accreditations, ROTC programs, academic credit for CLEP and ACE, flexible learning programs and much more.