Mid-Atlantic Christian University Opens Regional Testing Center for Credentialing Exams

April 28, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mid-Atlantic Christian University Opens Regional Testing Center for Credentialing Exams Elizabeth City, NC - March 28, 2014 - Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a relationship with PearsonVUE and is now a regional testing center.  Pearson VUE delivers millions of high-stakes tests a year across the globe for clients in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory, and government testing service markets. It boasts the world’s leading test center network, with over 5,100 test centers in 175 countries. As a regional public testing center people will no longer need to travel out of the Northeastern North Carolina region to find a test center.  MACU is the only public testing center in Northeast North Carolina. Teacher education candidates will be able to take the “North Carolina Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum” exams.  The Foundations of Reading test for North Carolina assesses proficiency and depth of understanding of the subjects of reading and writing development.  The test reflects scientifically based reading research and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The General Curriculum test for North Carolina assesses proficiency and depth of understanding of each of the...

Dr. Reese Releases New Text on Global Missions

April 17, 2014

Cross Cultural Ministry Professor Robert B. Reese has written a new book titled Who Needs a Missionary?: How the Gospel Works All by Itself. In Who Needs a Missionary? Dr. Reese reviews his own missionary experiences in Zimbabwe and finds that the best results came from an indigenous leader who had the least contact with missionaries. Reese conducted interviews with this leader to let him speak for himself about his journey with God in ministry; these interviews form the heart of the book. The book is published by Wipf and Stock Publishers.   Dr. Reese’s grandparents and parents served as American missionaries of the Church of Christ to Zambia. When Reese’s parents were married they moved from Zambia to serve in Zimbabwe. Professor Reese spent his childhood between Zimbabwe and Arkansas.  Dr. Reese holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Harding University, an M.S. in Mathematics from Northwestern University, M.A. in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Misions from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  From 1981 to 2002 Dr. Reese and his wife, Mari-Etta...

MACU Welcomes Dr. Divino

March 06, 2014

Dr. Claudio Divino to join the faculty at Mid-Atlantic Christian University   Mid-Atlantic Christian University is pleased to announce that Dr. Claudio Divino will be joining the faculty at Mid-Atlantic Christian University at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. Dr. Divino will serve as Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry. Dr. Divino was born and raised in Brazil and brings to the classroom, ministry experiences from both Brazil and the United States. He was instrumental in starting churches in his native homeland and has also worked with Hisportic Mission and the Orchard Group to start a Portuguese speaking church in New York state. Dr. Divino is a graduate of Faculdade Batista Teológica de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (B.Th. in Intercultural Studies), and Emmanuel Christian Seminary (M.Div. and D. Min.). Since 2003 Dr. Divino has been working with Crossroads College in Rochester, MN. His roles at Crossroads have included Intercultural Studies Professor and since 2010 the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Divino has been a member of the NACC [North American Christian Convention] Continuation Committee (1999-2001; 2004-2006; 2007-2010) and continues...

MACU Spring Choir Tour

February 11, 2014

Spring Break Tour for MACU Choir   The MACU Choir starts its Spring Tour on March 2nd during MACU Spring Break week. The Choir will travel to churches and schools in North Carolina presenting a musical program with a message from the book of Ephesians. The music selections are familiar Christian contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Co-directors Sandra Perkins and Lisa Williams compiled the program specifically for this tour.  "We want to share the message from Ephesians in a musical presentation," stated Mrs. Perkins.   Singers include freshmen and upper classmen, and come from various states. Many have experience performing in choirs. Student singers are: Ariana Avila, Elizabeth Bartlett, Kelsea Fallon, Stephanie Green, Taylor Holloman, Tiffany Kriss, Catrina Webster, Emily Whitten and Becka Woodard.   Dr. Ken Greene, Vice President for Student Services, states "Mid-Atlantic Christian University has many students that are gifted in a variety of manners. This traveling choir demonstrates the musical abilities of our students and offers them the opportunity to share their faith through song in our community and supporting churches. The enthusiasm and willingness of our students to use their talents to benefit others is an inspiration to me and will be to you as well...

MACU Graduates Excel in Critical Thinking Skills

January 31, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Christian University students demonstrate themselves to be far beyond peers in the area of critical thinking.  Incoming and graduating students are asked to take a critical thinking exam. The exam is a component of the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) published by the American College Testing (ACT) Program ( The university has been gathering results for five years running and is pleased to share the following results.   Graduating Class % of MACU students who achieved a score above the national mean. 2009 37% 2010 57% 2011 68% 2012 79% 2013 92%   Graduating Class National Mean Score MACU Mean Score 2009 62.3 62.2 2010 63...