Woolard Named Teacher of the Year

May 21, 2014

Teacher of the Year


Woolard Named Teacher of the Year, Honored for 40 Years of Teaching

Perhaps some teachers feel burned out around the 25th or 30th year of service. Mid-Atlantic’s Teacher of the Year, Professor Ronnie J. Woolard, has just completed his 40th year on the faculty of Mid-Atlantic Christian University and shows no – or at least very few – signs of stopping. He remains relevant and vibrant in the classroom.

Ronnie Jay Woolard is an Eastern North Carolina native, having been born and reared in Washington, NC. Long before he was a professor at Mid-Atlantic, or even a student, he loved the school and the professors. He grew up in a church with the school’s founding president, George BonDurant, as his preacher and attended Camp Roanoke.

Following high school, where he excelled in leadership, academics, and athletics, he entered Mid-Atlantic to prepare for a life in ministry. His ministry has taken the form of teaching others who will then preach and serve others. He is a Mid-Atlantic graduate and furthered his education with an MA in Old Testament and an MDiv in Theology.

In addition to his academic load, Ronnie has served MACU in a number of support capacities, including sponsoring classes, coaching drama, and printing. He has also been involved in cross-cultural work, teaching in India, serving on the Board of Central India Christian Mission, and teaching in Venezuela where his daughter served as a missionary.

Ronnie and his family have been actively involved in the local church, conducting workshops and extension classes in churches in North Carolina and Virginia. He preached for Bethlehem Church of Christ, Hertford, NC, for ten years. In September of 1988, in partnership with several other staff members, he led in the establishment of Towne South Church of Christ where he served as senior minister until 2004.

He and his wife, Trish ‘71, have two children and one grandchild. When not working at the college or the church, Ronnie enjoys sports, working on his house, and participating in Civil War reenactments.

Congratulations, Professor Woolard!