Meet Nicole Camden

July 18, 2011

Nicole CamdenAs a high school senior, I never dreamed that I would leave Indiana to attend college in North Carolina.  Being over 850 miles from home wasn’t even a matter of consideration. There were numerous Christian colleges between the Hoosier state and the Tar Heel state, so MACU wasn’t even on the radar screen. By March, I had narrowed my choices down to a couple of colleges, but neither one seemed to be the “right fit.”  A close family friend who was aware of my struggle jokingly mentioned MACU. He thought I would never really consider a college so far from home, but he didn’t realize, nor did I, the plans God had in store for me.

In April, my mom, my grandma, and I flew to North Carolina to look over MACU. Within minutes of meeting some faculty and students, I knew this was the place.  The caring, personable atmosphere was so inviting. My mom and grandma were a little reluctant because they didn’t want me to be so far away, but by the time our visit was over, they both gave me the “thumbs up” that MACU was the right choice.

I was a little scared as August approached and I started packing for the big move to MACU. I really didn’t know any of the students. Doubts, as well as questions, began flooding my mind: Will I fit in? Can I handle being 15 hours from home, from my parents and friends? Would I get there and then regret my decision?  I had to fight off those last minute doubts of leaving my comfort zone . . . but I made it. And I’m glad I did, because at MACU I was welcomed andincluded. I wasn’t just another face, but an individual with dreams and aspirations, and that has made all the difference in my college experience.  Have I ever been homesick? Surprisingly, I haven’t. Don’t get the idea that I don’t look forward to our breaks and going home to see my family. I definitely do! But the family atmosphere of the college is incredibly real. The friendships I have made will be life long.

But not only do I have this wonderful second family at MACU, I am also receiving an awesome education.  I’m learning what I need for my career as a teacher, but more than that, I’m learning how to apply Biblical principles to my life and my future profession.

I am a very happy and blessed student. I can honestly say that I have never regretted leaving Indiana to enroll here. I have gained so much from my experiences at MACU. I can’t imagine a better place for me to be.