November 07, 2013

International Conference On Missions

Kansas City, MO

Nov 14-17

MACU will display in the exhibit hall at the International Conference on Missions in Kansas City, MO.

Look for us at booth #1111-1113 

COME BY and visit with us and see what's new at MACU.  You will enjoy meeting some of our current students who are interested in missions.

President Clay Perkins will be at the convention representing MACU at various events.  

Missions professor Dr. Robert Reese is leading a workshop on Friday at 4:00 p.m.  

Dan Smith, Admissions Director, will be recruiting new students and managing the booth.

Come and meet  our new Director of Online Education, Dr. Greg Waddell.

Andrea Strawderman, Student Life Director, will be bringing our missions minded students.

We always enjoy seeing alumni and friends.  Bring your friends with you to meet us.  We hope you enjoy a weekend of missions!

Eastern Christian Conference

Hershey, PA

Nov 15-17

MACU will have an exhibit at the ECC in Hershey, PA.  Emmett Murphy, Assistant VP for Institutional Advancment, will represent MACU at the Conference.  He will assist in hosting the college reception on Friday night at the conference.  

All MACU Alumni and Graduates are invited to attend the reception Friday night at 9:15 p.m.  

Legacy Roanoke Bible College and Legacy Eastern Christian College are included in this invitation.

Jenny Rowland, IA Secretary,  will head the nursery program at the conference,  MACU students will give tender loving care to the nursery age children the entire conference time.  MACU has offered this service for several conferences.

Visit the ECC website at  We are looking forward to a great conference.  Ben Cachiaras is the Conference President and leads the way with the theme: Right here, right now.