MACU Announces Fall 2016 Dean's List

December 23, 2016

The Dean’s List is comprised of full-time students (12 or more credit hours) whose semester GPA is 3.500 or above.  Students achieving a 4.000 are indicated with an asterisk (*).


Allain, Fiona Stammers

Anders, Kelly Ann

Anderson, Alyssa Shay

Bird, Tara Dawn

Brothers, Cheyenne

Bryan, Amy L.

Bueno, Sarah Lunceford

Byrd, Katherine K.

Carter, Sandra Horne

Carter, Taylor Kristyn

Cooper, Jackson Laine

Cooper, Matthew Todd*

Corbett, Joy*

Davis, Whitley Rosa-Leigh

Ellis, James Lawrence*

Greene, Emily Caroline*

Hilts, Jacqueline Alexis

Howlett, Gabrielle

Kelley, Ryan

Kilian III, Thomas

Leazer, Courtney A.

Litowski, Sarah Grace*

Lowery, Jameson Grey

Maclin, Leah Nicole

Maclin, Rita Agnes

Martin, Kendall Brooke

McGraw, LeeAnn Claire

Minter, Grace Gibson*

Morgret, Abigail C.

Mundinger, Jessica Lynne

Neal, Ashlyn Raye

O'Connor, Caitlin Elizabeth

O'Connor, Emily Nicole

Oliver, Natalie I.

Phillips, Joshua Paul

Putze, James R.

Reynolds, Olivia Caroline Maxey

Rimarski, Jordan Cannon

Stanley, Alexander L.

Teetor, Breanna Lacy

White, Brealle Kay-Ann

Wiley, Pamela L.

Wilgus, Olivia Catherine


5 additional students achieved Dean’s List but requested non-disclosure.