Unexpected Calling: Krystal Strawderman

July 18, 2011

Krystal Frye

On her experience at MACU

"I would describe my experience at MACU as being life changing. When I first got here I was reserved, shy, unsocial, now I guess I would consider myself as outgoing and energetic. I have been able to meet hundreds of people, travel around the eastern US and around the world. I've had so many memories in the dorm that I can't remember half of them but the videos are priceless. I am a different person from when I first got here and I can honestly say that I've grown and have changed for the better. I have no clue where I would be without my education here and the relationships that have been built the past few years with the faculty, staff and students."

On her mission trip to Thailand

krystal.jpg (222x150)px"I was only in Indonesia a month but I was in Thailand for 10.5 months. It changed and affected my life in that I was able to experience and learn about a culture that was totally different than mine. I had to learn about what they value, what to do and what not to do. It has helped me to better understand Asians in general. I have a much better understanding of different cultures and have learned how to adapt no matter where I go. It has also affected me in that, I know that we, as Americans, can do without a lot of things; half of the things we have or think we need are unnecessary."

On her current Ministry

"I was a youth intern at a church in VA Beach and was able to help there for 2.5 years. When I came back from Asia, the youth minister, David McCants, told me that he was going to help in starting a new church in New Bern, NC, because there is no actual independent Christian church there in the city. Then he asked if I would consider being the children's director. I had never had the desire to go into children's ministry, my passion and second focus under cross-cultural missions is youth ministry. After 2 months of praying and thinking about it, I knew that that's where I should be for the next few years."

Editors Note: Krystal Strawderman is a recent MACU cross-cultural missions graduate. We talked with her at length about her life changing experiences at MACU and her unexpected call to children's ministry.