Messenger Fall 2019

October 07, 2019

Messenger Fall 2019 Vol 72

What are they saying?

September 20, 2019

While ministry takes many forms and should be done in all aspects of life, there is a special heartbeat at MACU for those who are called to do ministry vocationally.  As part of the educational process students who are preparing for vocational ministry complete an internship. The internship program requires the student to work with an individual on site to mentor them during their time of serving in a church, on a mission field, or with a parachurch organization.  Below are just a few of the comments made by field mentors, over the past three years, about MACU students. “The student was placed in several ministry settings and took initiative and seemed comfortable in them all.  He ministered to people ages 10-80 years old.  I honestly have to remind myself that the student has not been to seminary yet.”   “In my experience MACU students have demonstrated a commitment to Scripture, ministry, missions and the local church.”Pastor Craig StephansChurch of the Redeemer, Camden, NC  “The student was truly excellent in every respect.  This student has brought a real blessing to our church’s ministry to youth, as is indicated by the growth we have experienced. The student was really committed to...

Messenger Summer 2019

June 25, 2019

Messenger Summer 2019 Vol 71

MACU Announces Spring 2019 Dean's List

May 15, 2019

The Dean’s List is comprised of full-time students (12 or more credit hours) whose semester GPA is 3.500 or above.  Students achieving a 4.000 are indicated with an asterisk (*).   Alyssa Shay Anderson* Tara Dawn Bird Khalil Quame Bolden John Anthony Bonk Mallary F. Brogden Cheyenne Brothers Cassandra L. Brown* Noah Emmanuel Bryant Cameron G. Cabe Sandra Carter Anissa N. Coles Jackson Laine Cooper Joy Corbett* Spencer Alexander Davis Darrien C. DeFederico* Lauren Elizabeth Drysdale Lydia Frye Michael Perry Garza Micaiah H. Gilkes Amber Goodyear Allison E. Hackett* Hannah Margurite Hartman Jesse Quinn Hood* Gabrielle Howlett* Ashlyn Neal Josephson Ryan Kelley Jonathan C. Langley II Rebekah Grace Langley Leah Nicole Maclin* Cody Robert Marks Kendall Brooke Martin KaNesha Andrieana Murray Jacqueline Alexis Nichols Joshua Paul Phillips Tammy Lynn Rhea Vicki Furlough Riley Marcus Grant Simmons Sarah Mackenzie Smith Alexander L. Stanley Maddison Gabrielle Turner Joshua Scott Wayne Vickers* Brealle Kay-Ann White* Chelsea D. White Leander Williams Serenah Marie Willison*     2 additional students achieved Dean’s List but requested non-disclosure.

MACU Announces Fall 2018 Dean's List

December 19, 2018

The Dean’s List is comprised of full-time students (12 or more credit hours) whose semester GPA is 3.500 or above.  Students achieving a 4.000 are indicated with an asterisk (*).   Alexander, Talethia Jae Anderson, Alyssa Shay Becker, Sarah Bird, Tara Dawn Carter, Sandra Horne Coburn, Ian M. Cooper, Jackson Laine Corbett, Joy* Davis, Spencer Alexander Defederico, Darrien C.* Drysdale, Lauren Elizabeth Frye, Lydia Garza, Michael Perry Gilkes, Micaiah H. Hackett, Allison E.* Hood, Jesse Quinn Howlett, Gabrielle Jarman, Noah R. Josephson, Ashlyn Neal Kelley, Ryan Langley, Rebekah Grace* Maclin, Leah Nicole Martin, Lindsey Parker, Britni Bethany Marie Smith, Sarah Mackenzie Stanley, Alexander L. Turner, Kayla Vickers, Joshua Scott Wayne Warren, Brian White, Brealle Kay-Ann Willison, Serenah Marie Winslow, Emily Paige 12 additional students achieved Dean’s List but they requested non-disclosure