Ministry Positions

Part Time Children’s Director

Posted On: 03/27/2017

Job Description: Part Time Children’s Director


 To be part of a Team that loves, nurtures, and provides direction for children from birth through fifth grade to begin and develop a relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


                 20 to 22 hours weekly, which would include Sunday AM and PM, as well as Wednesday PM and

                one or two other days, which could be flexible.


Reports To: Ultimately reports to the Elders of SCOC, with daily guidance and input from the Senior Minister, as well as, the Family Life Minister.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Teach and promote a saving relationship with Jesus Christ as indicated throughout Scripture.
  • Oversee and evaluate current programming and work with other Team members to enhance or eliminate those programs, as well as, develop and implement new ways of teaching our children according to Biblical principles.
  • Actively recruit and coach volunteer Ministry Leaders and workers for each age group.
  • Work closely with parents soliciting feedback and providing answers to questions that they may have concerning our Children’s Ministry.
  • Work with other Team members to be able to evaluate and improve community involvement.

Additional Duties:

  • Be able to address members of the congregation individually, and as a group in order to provide understanding and solicit support.
  • Be able to attend Ministry Meetings as scheduled and Leadership Meetings when requested.
  • Be available to visit with the families of our children with other Team members when possible.

Position Requirements:

  • Must know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and Lord of your life.
  • Must believe in the inerrancy of Scripture.
  • A background in early childhood development education, or other related fields extremely beneficial.
  • Previous experience working with children in a Christian environment helpful, but not required.
  • Salary: $18,000

If you meet the qualifications listed and are willing to undergo a background check please submit a resume to the address listed above, Attention: Larry D. Campbell.

For more information, contact:
Larry D. Campbell

401 W Main St
Salem, VA 24153

Part-time Summer Youth Minister

Posted On: 03/27/2017

Countryside Church of Christ is seeking a part time youth minister for the summer. Applicants can contact for job description and requirements.

For more information, contact:
Bob Brock
(252) 370-6703

100 Countryside Drive
Edenton, NC 27932

Part - time Youth Minister (Grades 6 and up)

Posted On: 07/21/2017

                              Journey Christian Church Youth Ministry (Grades 6 and up)


The Youth minister is to be Christ's representative to our youth in all things and a vocal advocate for Christ in our community.  He should work to draw the youth, their families and the lost into a closer and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  He should possess a “whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to meeting the needs of young people, lost and saved.  He is to work alongside the senior minister, elders, parents and volunteers at Journey Christian Church to carry out his ministry.


This is a part-time position with the opportunity for it to develop into a full-time position in the future.  As a part-position we will require a minimum of ___ hours per week. (To be determined with student minister)  This agreement is made effective _______________________, 2017 between Journey Christian Church and _____________________ ____________________ for clear communication.



1.  The youth minister will manage and oversee all aspects of the Student Ministry, which includes a balance of outreach, discipleship, worship, and ministry.


2.  The youth minister will coordinate and supervise Christian education and worship for weekly services, including teaching a teen class on Sunday mornings.  (There will be an opportunity to            preach from time to time if so desired)


3.  The youth minister will be responsible for identifying, recruiting, training, and supporting volunteer youth leaders.


4.  The youth minister will solicit and secure the involvement of students' parents.


5.  The youth minister will plan, organize, manage, and execute Mission trips, Youth Conferences and regular youth activities.  (To be determined between student minister and senior minister)


6.  The youth minister will participate in the local camp program and encourage youth attendance. (This is in the summer and may not be applicable)


7.  The youth minister will work with the families of students, providing counsel and/or programs to assist in family related issues.


8.  The youth minister will research and obtain curriculum materials and evaluate, supply and schedule student classrooms.


9.  The youth minister will develop, promote and implement seasonal programs and activities.


General Responsibilities:

Keep the web site updated

Provide information in a timely manner for the bulletin or Friday Morning Update

Attend weekly staff meetings (if schedule permits for a student minister)

Work under the general supervision of the senior minister, keeping him informed of his activities, work and schedule.

Keep and maintain regular office hours.  (For a student minister this is to be determined)

Attend meeting of elders when requested.  (which is rare)

Coordinate with other ministers in establishing activities on the church calendar

For more information, contact:
Emmett Murphy
(252) 335-4660

1923 N road Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909