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Family Minister

Posted On: 03/24/2016

Family Minister, Westview Church of Christ
Greeley, CO

We are a congregation of about 125 with a growing number of families with children. We are, as a leadership and a church, committed to the future of these families and our long-term vision through the family ministry. In Church of Christ parlance we would be considered a more "progressive" congregation.

We are seeking a minister who can bring to us an understanding and experience in today's family dynamic: the intact nuclear family, the blended family, the single parent family, etc. Several areas of responsibility will be assigned to the family minister, including (but not only) the oversight of the children's education ministry and the development of an outreach into the community through the family ministry dynamic.

For a fuller description of the ministry position and areas of responsibility, as well as more information about the Westview congregation, please contact me. I am the minister for the Westview congregation. I am working with the Elders and search team as we seek to fill the position.

This search is covered by our prayers and complete dependence on God to guide us to the right person at the right time. We do not move forward ahead of Him, but allow Him to guide us. We trust that all who inquire of this opportunity will also do so with a prayerful and submissive posture before Him.

Terry Newton

You can also call me on the direct line to my office. The number is 970-584-1534.

For more information, contact:
Terry Newton
(970) 584-1534

Greeley, CO