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Associate/Youth Minister

Posted On: 11/23/2015

The primary purpose of our Youth Minister is to introduce young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; and to train them in serving Christ. Of equal importance is to assist parents or guardians in raising their teenagers to a wholesome Christian maturity. The Youth

Minister also has primary responsibility for: adhering to the Youth ministry budget, recruiting adult volunteers, planning, and support, for all the ministries and activities of the Youth program at Mount Carmel Christian Church. MCCC is a healthy Church that welcomes the growth of our culturally diverse surroundings.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • You are expected to attend Sunday school, all worship services, and other church activities. (i.e. Wednesday nights, special services etc.) Also, have the ability to lead a worship service
  • Fully devoted to the mission of MCCC
  • Plan, direct, conduct, and evaluate a comprehensive Youth ministry taking into consideration the spiritual, physical, recreational, social, and psychological development
  • Relate the Youth to the overall life of the church and the church to the needs of its Youth. Lead Youth in a way that they will inspire and excite them towards: worship, Bible study, prayer, missions, and other Christian disciplines.
  • Have an overall command of the scriptures
  • Be acquainted with personal lives of the young people. For example, visiting in homes, attending school events, attending games, and making hospital visits. This also includes being aware of current Youth development and culture and have impeccable boundaries
  • Foster open communication with parents/guardians through personal conversations, e-mails, and written communication.
  • Ensure that adequate adult sponsors (Male/Female) are present for all Youth programs and activities.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

The Youth Minister reports directly to the Senior Pastor. Maintains open communications in planning and directing through scheduled meetings with the appropriate staff or participants.

Bachelor’s Degree, Minimum of two years of related experience, Strong communication skills and technology sound

Contact Information
Art Stansberry, Sr. Minster
6015 Old Stone Mountain Rd
Stone Mountain Georgia 30087

For more information, contact:
Art Stansberry, Sr. Minster

6015 Old Stone Mountain Rd
Stone Mountain, GA 30087