Admissions Support Assistant

Central Christian College of the Bible

Admissions Support Assistant

Central Christian College of the Bible

Central Christian College of the Bible develops servant-leaders for the Church.  In order to fulfill that mission, Central’s enrollment services team exists to identify, recruit, enroll, retain and graduate students who will pursue ministry careers.

It is the task of the Admissions Support Assistant to communicate Central’s mission to potential students, their parents, and other people of influence, local churches, schools, homes, college fairs, camps, conferences, retreats, and other appropriate places in an effort to recruit qualified potential students.  The Admissions Support Assistant assists the Director of Admissions, Admissions Team, Admissions Committee, and Enrollment Team in administrating the team’s efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Schedule and coordinate campus visits and visit events for prospective students
  2. Answer, register and confirm email/online requests for campus visits
  3. Schedule and communicate with Admissions Counselors and appropriate departments for requested items relating to prospective student visits
  4. Prepare all materials for visits and events
  5. Schedule overnight guests into hospitality rooms
  6. Prepare appropriate information with residence life staff for guests arriving after hours
  7. Recruit and train hospitality hosts
  8. Recruit and train tour guides
  9. Oversee tour guides
  10. Facilitate parts of campus visits as needed (tours, lunch, etc.)
  11. Schedule and maintain the visit event calendar
  12. Establish and maintain best practices for visits and visit events
  13. Process and facilitate campus visit follow-up communication
  14. Participate in Welcome Weekend and on-campus recruiting events for junior and senior high students
    1. Oversee the admissions publicity pieces inventory
    2. Keep an accurate count of materials
    3. Communicate inventory needs to Director of Admissions
      1. Receive and process paperwork submitted by applicants in coordination with Data Coordinator
      2. Create and edit records in AdmitGold
      3. Scan and attach application document to corresponding records in AdmitGold: references, transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, etc.
      4. Create an applicant file for each person who submits applicant items
      5. Submit housing deposits to the Business Manager
      6. Update withdrawals and cancels in AdmitGold
        1. Input prospective student data acquired from various sources into AdmitGold and process output from AdmitGold in coordination with Data Coordinator
        2. Assist students and families who contact the admissions office
        3. Generate letters and other correspondence for accepted students
        4. Print application acknowledgement letters, bump letters, class registration confirmations, acceptance letters, and other applicant letters
        5. Send scheduled applicant communication flow letters and emails
          1. Work as an integral part of Central’s Admissions Team, Admissions Committee, and Enrollment Team
          2. Work with the Director of Online Education in preparing reports for the admissions team and other offices using AdmitGold
          3. Create accepted applicant records in CAMS for financial aid, registration, and enrollment
            1. Greet campus visitors, other office guests, and people phoning the office and answer their basic questions and direct them appropriately
            2. Edit and maintain church, academy, conference, and camp records in AdmitGold
            3. Keep office organized and stocked with needed resources
            4. Represent the College in the field if needed during times of heavy travel as directed by the Director of Admissions. 


Organizational Relationships

This position reports directly to the Director of Admissions.


  1. Maintains a dynamic, consistent, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Is characterized in every aspect of life and ministry by purity, integrity, and self-control.
  3. Commitment to and understanding of the mission, philosophy, and doctrinal statement of CCCB and is able to communicate such through personal contacts and speaking opportunities.
  4. Has a working knowledge and understanding of CCCB’s constituencies.
  5. Possess strong communication skills, strong relational skills, is organized, self-disciplined, able to think on his feet, and doesn’t require constant direction or supervision.
  6. Is self-motivated or known as a self-starter.
  7. Is able to operate within the department budget guidelines.
  8. Maintains a good appearance.
  9. Is completely committed to the admissions and recruitment philosophies, including the ministry spirit that is uniquely Central.
  10. Possesses strong data entry skills.
  11. Demonstrates proficiency in Windows productivity software such as MS Office.
  12. Demonstrates proficiency in social media.
  13. Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to make instant connections with prospective students, parents, church leaders, and other influencers.
  14. Has Strong communication and writing skills.
  15. Possesses effective organizational skills – filling and organizing work load.
  16. Demonstrates strong ability to multitask and manage interruptions with grace and continued productivity. 



Open 11/26/2012 until filled

Full Time with Benefits


All applicants must consent to a background check prior to employment.  Applicants selected for an interview must also submit a doctrinal questionnaire as part of the interview process.  A CCCB application (found online at, resume, and cover letter may be sent to Central’s Director of Admissions:

Rocky Christensen, Central Christian College of the Bible, 911 E Urbandale Drive, Moberly, MO 65270

660-888-3900 (ext 123)  Ÿ Ÿ 417-540-0672 (voice or text)

For more information, contact:
Rocky Christensen
(660) 888-3900

911 E Urbandale Dr
Moberly, MO 65270