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Real Life Christian Church


Real Life Christian Church has begun its search for a full-time Teaching Minister.  At Real Life we are about embracing the awesome, authentic, and genuine life Jesus speaks of in John 10:10.  The Teaching Minister of Real Life Christian Church is responsible for the spiritual welfare, overall program, growth, and life of the church. The Teaching Minister will be required to provide spiritual leadership in all areas of evangelism and discipleship, which requires developing, communicating, and coordinating vision with the Elders, Executive Minister, and Staff.  Below is a small sample of the duties required of this role. If you would like more information or to apply for this position, please email your résumé and cover letter to or fill out an online application at

 Worship Responsibilities

  1. Prepares and delivers sermons that are relevant, Biblical, seeker sensitive, and challenge both Christians and non-believers alike to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
  2. Ensures that overall weekly worship services are effective and on target regarding content, style, structure, and design.
  3. Meets weekly with the Worship Leader to critique prior worship services and to plan future worship services regarding music selection, transitions, humor, and atmosphere.
  4. Meets with video team as needed to explain future sermon series and themes, as well as to select service elements to be used.
  5. Suggests and assists with planning of special worship services such as Christmas, Easter, Children's/Youth Sundays, and other special programs and outside speakers with the objective of boosting morale and worship attendance.
  6. Works in cooperation with the Executive Minister to take initiative in recommending and implementing actions that fulfill the vision and mission of Real Life Christian Church.

 Leadership Responsibilities

 Meets regularly with the elders of Real Life and acts as an ad hoc member. 

    1. Ensures proper preparation of meeting agendas.
    2. Provides effective leadership of meetings by ensuring time is spent on important issues and minimizing time spent on minor issues and details.
    3. Schedules and leads an annual leadership retreat that educates and motivates elders and other leaders of the church regarding vision, mission, strategy, seeker sensitivity, what it means to be a "high impact" church, and other key matters.


 Works with the Executive Minister to provide overall training, inspiration, and motivation of Real Life Christian Church staff to ensure that they are maturing in their faith, growing in their relationships with each other, and upgrading their skills.

    1. Schedules periodic staff retreats for training and developing better teamwork and closer working relationships.
    2. Works with Executive Minister to lead weekly staff meetings for planning and motivation; ensures opportunity for continuing nurture through presentation of devotionals and educational materials.
    3. Inspires staff to strive for high goals through their development and implementation.
    4. Maintains and improves working relationships with staff by periodically scheduling staff lunches, dropping in on their program events, and meeting with staff to personally review their ministry/program recommendations and results.
  1. Works in cooperation with Elders and Executive Minister in developing strategic plan and vision for the future of Real Life Christian Church.
    1. Determines best opportunities for growth.
    2. Anticipates future staff requirements and recommends what positions should be filled, changed, and deleted, and in what sequence.
    3. Monitors church growth and recommends optimum timing and approach regarding future building plans.
    4. Takes proactive approach toward identifying problems or challenges and offers creative solutions for resolution.


Congregational Responsibilities


1.  Assists with maintaining a "high touch" ministry.

  • Hospital calling.
  • Reacts promptly to emergency/crisis situations.
  • Conducts baptisms, weddings, and funerals as requested and needed.
  1. Greets people in sanctuary before and after worship services; intentionally lingers with people around the church.
  2. Schedules lunches with members and new people.
  3. Circulates at various church events, such as the men’s Bible Study and youth and children’s ministry events.
  4. Places phone calls and sends thank you letters as needed.
  5. Counsels as requested and refers to psychologists for more extensive counseling as needed.
  6. Provides leadership and input regarding development, approval, and implementation of annual Real Life Christian Church budget.
  7. Provides leadership and input regarding special projects and events, such as building committees and congregational meetings.
  8. Devotes some time to spiritual, mental, and physical development and well being through devotional time, study, and exercise.
  9. Participates in, and organizes community events to foster community relations and outreach.


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