Minister of Youth

Bethany Christian Church


Bethany Christian Church of Bumpass, VA ( is a congregation seeking to become all that Christ is calling her to be within the Body and within the community. We are currently searching for a Minister of Youth to join us in this calling. The Minister of Youth should possess the ability to relate to, encourage, and spiritually challenge a wide variety of young people in the congregation and those who would visit with us. His chief qualification is to be a man after God’s own heart that shows itself in his relationships with believers, concern for non-believers and in his ministry endeavors. He should be a man rooted in Scripture and firmly committed to sharing a passion for learning and living by it. The MOY must be actively involved in the family development of those to whom he ministers. The area of responsibility for the MOY is over the ages of Birth-12th Grade. In the area of Birth-5th Grade, his responsibilities are primarily ones of administration and oversight, while in the area of 6th-12th Grade his responsibilities expand to directing discipleship and teaching. The MOY must be a college graduate of a recognized Christian Church/Church of Christ college and/or be ordained by a Christian Church/Church of Christ in good standing. The MOY must be a man of proven experience in this area of ministry. The MOY must also communicate a commitment to and shared belief in the Statement of Faith of Bethany Christian Church. Due to the teaching and leading responsibility associated with position, the MOY must be a man. The MOY, while answerable to the Elders, is accountable to the Senior Minister on a day-to-day basis and under his direction and supervision. Interested parties may request a full job description by sending an email request to Please no resumes with initial request.

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