Youth Minister

Chilhowie Christian Church

Job Description: Full Time Youth Minister 

Denomination: Christian Church

Church Size: 300 to 500

Location:  Chilhowie Christian Church, Chilhowie, VA

Church Website:


About Chilhowie Christian Church:

Chilhowie Christian Church is an independent, non-denominational Christian church with approximately 350 regular attendees.  Our worship services include both traditional and contemporary services with morning and evening services held each Sunday along with a Wednesday evening bible study and youth classes.  We attempt to make our worship multi-sensory, enabling all who attend to feel they have an opportunity to participate. We attempt to be innovative in our programming and value each generation in our church family.

Chilhowie Christian Church is located in Chilhowie, Virginia, a small town nestled in the foothills of beautiful Southwest Virginia. The town of Chilhowie is located along the Interstate 81 corridor in the southwestern part of Smyth County, with a county population of approximately 31,500 residents. The borders of Chilhowie Christian Church reach far beyond the small community in which we are located.  Although our church is over 115 years old, we are deeply committed to a “mission” approach to ministry. We believe the message of the Gospel must never change, but the methods must be constantly reviewed, updated, and implemented to stay on mission effectively. We recognize the extraordinary importance of our children and youth ministries, and are dedicated to a multi-generational approach of reaching the lost and edifying the saved. We also recognize the serious issues most churches have in keeping their students active and engaged in a formal church setting. Chilhowie Christian Church seeks to be a place where youth continue to seek Christ, even after they graduate from high school and/or college. Our goal is to connect our students, not just with our youth group, but with God and his church, the body of Christ. We believe that integration and engagement comes from a strong family foundation, as we strive to connect our students with multiple Christian adults, and engage them in Christian service opportunities.

Our Vision for the YouthChilhowie Christian Church is a place where God is building Christ-Driven 24/7 Christians

Our Mission: “Seek the Lost, Edify the Saved, and Help the Needy”. We take our mission very seriously and the Bible is our final authority.

About the Youth Minister:

Chilhowie Christian Church recognizes that the youth minister will need to be more than a “kid magnet”; understanding both how to grow students, and how to build a team committed to growing students. The youth minister will also need to embrace the vision, mission, and core values of Chilhowie Christian Church so our youth programs become an integrated, vital, and growing ministry of the church.

The Youth Minister will work under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor. They will also work closely with our staff and elders to ensure a strong youth program and spiritual development from birth through graduation.

Required Qualifications:

  • ·         The Youth Minister should be on fire about their faith and for God. Their faith should be contagious, allowing them to lead and be an example to our youth, as well as ministering and teaching our youth about God's love 
  • ·         There should be a sincere desire to bring children and teens closer to Christ.
  • ·         Have a strong family life, centered on biblical principles.
  • ·         Have an engaging personality, effectively leading a strong youth ministry program.
  • ·         Recruit volunteers as needed to serve in youth ministry. Be aware of resources for developing youth ministry programming and being involved in training group leaders and/or volunteers so they may lead more effectively and with confidence.
  • ·         Have a love for Scripture and be able to communicate the truths of God's word clearly and effectively.
  • ·         Have a heart for reaching students who are doing life without Christ.
  • ·         Open to work in the communities, specifically becoming actively involved in the Smyth County school system.
  • ·         Be a constant learner and always seeking to grow as a youth leader.
  • ·         Be a strategic thinker, looking for ways to increase the effectiveness our student ministries.
  • ·         Possess experience in student ministry, with an understanding of how youth ministry needs to be shaped in a church of our size.
  • ·         Be an advocate for youth and educate the congregation, about hopes, concerns, and needs of youth in our church and community.
  • ·         Be able to communicate effectively with youth, parents, church staff, and elders.
  • ·         Be tech savvy, and competent with relevant social media.
  • ·         Be a leader and a self-starter, able to plan and execute events and programs with little oversight.
  • ·         Be teachable and able to work in a team environment.
  • ·         Be able to make decisions in a fast-paced environment.
  • ·         Be organized and have administrative skills.


The Youth Minister will oversee all elements of our student ministries, including...

  • ·         Planning student ministry worship, educational, service, and recreational experiences;
  • ·         Teaching in large group settings;
  • ·         Developing curriculum and/or resourcing leaders with curriculum;
  • ·         Planning and executing retreats, camps and mission trips;
  • ·         Facilitating effective small groups;
  • ·         Recruiting and developing small group leaders;
  • ·         Working with parents;
  • ·         Keeping social media portals active and continually engaging students and families with them;
  • ·         Able to mentor youth in developing their leadership skills and challenge them to respond to God's call to serve in their church, community, and world;
  • ·         Overseeing ministry teams within the student ministry;
  • ·         Preparing and managing the youth ministry budget;
  • ·         Developing and overseeing policies and procedures for an effective student ministry;
  • ·         Loving youth where they are and encouraging them to develop and strengthen their relationship with the Lord by providing biblically sound advice to students and their families;
  • ·         Being devoted and committed to their ministry and the youth by making themselves available to minister to the youth in a variety of ways as needed (ex. crisis situations).
  • ·         Actively attending and participating in staff meetings to help plan and implement church and/or community events;
  • ·         Other duties as assigned.

For more information, contact:

Chilhowie, VA