MACU on Mission: Dominican Republic

March 11, 2018 from 1:00 AM to 11:45 PM

MACU Admissions staff will be leading a trip for MACU students, prospective students and interested adults for a six day adventure and missions trip to the Dominican Republic where the team will build a new home for a local resident. Our partner for this adventure will be Casas por Cristo who have built over 10,000 similar home in Spanish speaking nations of Central America and the Caribbean. The home recipient is selected based on need by a team of local pastors. Churches in the area who have partnered with Casas por Cristo have seen up to a 20% growth rate over the past three years with two churches actively expanding their worship space to accomodate the new believers. This trip is open to MACU students, interested adults as well as current high school juniors and seniors. To participate in the application and interview process please email Dan Smith, MACU's Executive Director of Enrollment 


1. Cost - expected is $1,500.00 per person. We are actively seeking sponsors to underwrite the cost of the home we will build; this will lower the final expense.

2. Passport? YES! You will need a valid passport?

3. VISA? No - you will need $10.00 USD to be granted entry

4. Special skills? No - we will teach you. You will need to be willing and avialable to work harder than you ever had in your life - in the heat.

5. Food? Yes - you will eat - and well. Food is safe and is prepared by trained cooks and is really good.

6. What will I need? A water bottle, hammer, tape measure, pencil and a work belt, plus towels and bed linens etc.

7. Will it be hot? Not like it was in August! Expect the temps to be in the mid 80's. 


The image shown on the banner ad is the original home built from odd pieces of wood and lumber. Wanda and her three kids ages 20 months to 4 years lived here until Casas por Cristo and a local church came by one day asking if they could help her...please pray for Wanda, she is curious about the Jesus we serve.