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Are you a Junior or Senior in High School, then come and experience the excitement at

Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

Start your experience with the Neon Steeple Tour featuring Crowder

and special guests Tim Timmons and Dan Bremnes.



Then join us Friday April 24 for a campus tour, chapel, a class room experience, student panel, lunch and more. In addition just for being a part of the tour experience you will be qualified for a $500 scholarship good towards your first year at MACU.

Finally to cap off your time with us Friday, we invite you to join us for open Y Night, where we the MACU family take over the Y for a night with free access to the pool, basketball court, rock climbing wall, and everything the Y has to offer.




4:30 pm – Registration Opens
6:30 pm – Doors Open for the Neon Steeple Tour Concert
10:00 pm – Pizza and Snacks in the Dorm Lobby


7:30-9 am – Breakfast
9:30 am – Chapel
11:00 am – Class
12:00 pm – Lunch
12:45 pm – Student Panel
1:30 pm – Campus Tour
4:30-6 pm – Dinner
9:00pm-12:00 am– Open Y Night


9:00 am – Breakfast in the Dorm Lobby
10:00 am – Check Out