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The mission of Collective Futures is to invest in, develop, and build up communities through education one student at a time. Our innovative financing model provides access to higher education for students who otherwise would not be able to attend.




Lydia's Closet Consortium

Lydias_Closet_logo.png (x)pxLydia’s Closet Consortium (LCC) will be seeking 15 exceptional students to award $2,000/ year in tuition or expense scholarships. $1000/semester will be paid to the account of students of a Christian college/university which the students have chosen. If students receiving scholarships maintain a C average or above, do not violate the “Code of Ethics” of their institution of learning and are actively working and serving the cause of Christ, the students could receive $2000/yr. for a four year degree. That could be $8,000 over four years if you are chosen! Please download our Scholarship Application at for full details and requirements. Questions? Please email please use subject line “Scholarship Info”.