Dual Enrollment

Admissions Future Students Dual Enrollment

Current Home School or High School juniors or seniors may apply for admission as a dual-enrolled non-degree seeking student. High school students will not be permitted to enroll for more than six credits per semester. No more than 12 credit hours may be earned as a non-degree seeking student. Individuals who have earned 12 credit hours must meet application/admission requirements for degree seeking status to be eligible to enroll in additional hours. Special arrangements with schools/institutions may exist.

Application Process

Course Delivery and Tuition

Course delivery will be online only. Course offerings are restricted to 100 and 200 level courses. Tuition is $100.00 per credit hour. Payment is expected at registration. If the student becomes a full time, on-campus residential student, all of the tuition paid by the student for his or her first 12 credit hours as a dual-enrolled student will be credited back to the student in his or her student account.