Tuition and Fees

Admissions Financial Aid Tuition and Fees

At Mid-Atlantic Christian Univeristy, we are committed to providing an affordable Christian education to those who want to dedicate their lives to serving the Lord. Thanks to generous support from alumni, family, friends, and supporting churches of the college, we are able to keep tuition costs much lower than most private colleges.

Tuition and Fees
2020 - 2021 
Pre-enrollment fees for new students (first semester only)  
College Application Fee $30
Orientation Charge: on-campus students only

Pay Orientation Fee


Fees Per Semester  
Double Room/Board (16 meals per week)
Single Room (upper classmen have priority)/Board (16 meals per week)
Tuition and Other Fees  
 School of Professional Studies  
On-Campus/Online Tuition Fee, per hour $445
Audit Fee, per hour $50
 School of Undergraduate Studies  
On-Campus/Online Tuition Fee $485
Audit Fee, per hour $50
 Professional Christian Ministries Certificate  $2,000
Enrollment Fees, per semester
   8 or more credit hours $485.00
   1-7 credit hours, per hour $55.00
   Dual-enrolled students $465.00
Housing Reservation Fee - per year $100
Pay Housing Fee   


The Trustees of Mid-Atlantic Christian University reserve the right to change the schedule of fees and other charges at any time.