Upon successfully completing the programs of study, undergraduates in the elementary teachers education program will be eligible to receive a Bachelor of Science degree.  MACU does not confer a teaching license.  See below for the licensure process.

Elementary Education Licensure Only
All education courses, field experiences and a passing score on the Praxis II are required in order to apply for a teaching license.

Licensure Process

During the student teaching term the teacher candidate needs to complete and gather the following:

  1. An Application for licensure.
  2. A trancript from the registrar's office in a sealed envelope with the registrar's signature written across the flap of the envelope.
  3. Required forms completed and signed by the appropriate people.
  4. Payment for the application fee by money order, check, or certified check.
MACU is responsible for completing some of the application documents for the NC State Department of Public Instruction.  Those seeking out-of-state licensure must complete the appropriate forms and request a transcript.  Any other documents needed from the university must be requested as well.  The director of teacher education will help with this process if needed.
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