Family Studies - Learning Outcomes

Required Courses


 127/128 Semester Hours
General Studies - 36/37 Semester Hours
Family Studies Major - 45 Semester Hours
Biblical Studies Minor - 18 Semester Hours
Open Electives - 31 Semester Hours
Course Schedule and Checklist

Students successfully completing the major in Family Studies will:

  • Analyze the multifaceted needs of families in society;
  • Identify points of potential conflict within the family and know how to apply conflict resolution skills;
  • Distinguish the various stages of human development through the life cycle;
  • Appreciate the value of all people and learn to listen and observe individual needs;
  • Explain the realities of financial responsibility in the family;
  • Analyze various models for parenting;
  • Explain current trends in family law;
  • Articulate a healthy code of ethics for ministry;
  • Describe age appropriate teaching methods;
  • Have practical abilities to advocate for families.