Family Studies - Learning Outcomes

Academics School of Professional Studies Family Studies - Learning Outcomes

Required Courses


 127/128 Semester Hours
General Studies - 36/37 Semester Hours
Family Studies Major - 45 Semester Hours
Biblical Studies Minor - 18 Semester Hours
Open Electives - 31 Semester Hours
Course Schedule and Checklist



 Students successfully completing the major in Family Studies will:

    1) demonstrate the ability to plan programming and regular training in family life skills;

    2) assess global and local needs of today’s youth and their families;

    3) develop programs that are sensitive to needs of the family;

    4) develop professional skills useful for dealing with people and coworkers;

    5) demonstrate an awareness and understanding of National Council on Family Relations’ primary content areas;

    6) demonstrate Godly character and professionalism;

    7) demonstrate the ability to serve in a variety of leadership roles.