Graduate Certificate: Church Planting

Churches are the most effective vehicle for evangelism and discipleship because growing the body of Christ requires a relational experience that cannot be mass marketed. Churches are collections of people that would not normally have any reason to associate with one another, except that a Holy Spirit inspired minister of the Gospel, along with a team of Christ-following leaders, would be willing to answer God’s call to ministry and preach the message of salvation, teach the Word and develop communities of people.

Statistics have indicated that some 4,000 churches close each year, leaving a void in communities around the country. Additional findings indicate that attendance at existing churches is steadily declining. Combined, these statistics exasperate the skeptical view of Christian churches in our country and perpetuates the perception that Christianity is dying.

The most effective way to change these trends is to plant healthy churches. The keyword is healthy. It’s not enough to simply increase the numbers of churches in America. The need is for them to be healthy, vibrant centers in communities around the country. To meet these objectives, this program will train ministers to plant churches responsibly with very specific, time-proven methods in a wide variety of settings.
Biblical knowledge and sound theological training provide a solid foundation for ministers called to church planting, but this alone does not fully prepare individuals for the rigors of launching a new church. Mid-Atlantic Christian University is excited to partner with "Passion for Planting" and "Waypoint Church Partners" to train individuals for starting new churches.
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Starting a new church is an entrepreneurial endeavor that requires unique training in a wide-array of specialized areas including: 

  • vision, mission and core values
  • demographic research and analysis
  • budget and finance
  • prayer team strategy
  • staffing strategy
  • launch team development
  • discipleship strategy
  • ministry teams strategy
  • marketing and outreach strategy
  • facilities and equipment acquisition
  • fundraising strategy
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All of the above must be accomplished on a strict planning timeline with limited resources and executed with precision in a fluid environment that greatly relies on a host of volunteer support. 
The Graduate Certificate in Church Planting (GCCP) exposes ministers to these areas and gives them the tools and knowledge needed to plant a healthy church.  This program is scheduled to launch Fall 2018.

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