Donald W. McKinney

Portrait of Don MckinneyChairman of the Department of Marketplace Ministry
Associate Professor of Counseling

Office Phone: 252-334-2084

B.S., Western Illinois University
M.A. in Counseling and Guidance, Wright State University
Ph.D. in Psychology (course work in progress), Northcentral University

Courses Taught:
     Abnormal Psychology
     Counseling Practicum 1, 2
     Counseling Theories
     General Psychology
     Introduction to Counseling
     Marriage and Family Counseling

Brief Biography:

After more than thirty years of preaching ministry, Don joined the faculty of MACU in 2000. He held ministries in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois as well as an eight year ministry at the Mount Pleasant Church in Greenville, NC. During his time at MACU he has held ministries a second ministry at the Mount Pleasant, at Holly Neck, and is currently preaching at the Tarboro Church of Christ. In 1968 he Diana and they have four children and ten grandchildren. 

After studying at Indiana State University, Cincinnati Bible Seminary, East Carolina University, and Pitt Community College, Don did a degree completion program for a B. S. at Western Illinois University in 1990. He earned an M. A. in Counseling and Guidance from Wright State University in 1995 and is currently working on a Ph. D. in Psychology at Northcentral University. 

Although Don teaches counseling and psychology courses, he identifies himself primarily as a preacher of the Gospel, reminding people that God is pleased through the foolishness of what is preached to save those who believe. He believes that counseling is the perfect adjunct to ministry. While teaching people how to be saved, the Christian counselor can also help people to enjoy the promise of Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  

When he is not involved in preaching and counseling, Don enjoys watching Indiana University and Big Ten basketball and performing Gospel magic.