Program Goals

Academics Department of Marketplace Ministry Teacher Education Program Goals

Mid-Atlantic Christian University's goal is to produce teachers that:

  • View themselves as researchers of teaching and learning and as professionals whose continued growth can best be met through inquiry, reflection and sustained dialogue with peers.
  • Foster positive attitudes towards lifelong learning.
  • Believe in research as a valuable tool for informing the practice of teaching and adding to the pedagogy of the profession.
  • value reflective practice as a tool to inform instruction and promote professional growth.
  • Show respect for diversity.
  • Value collaboration as a way to increase student learning.
  • Commit to a positive student-centered learning environment.
  • Value short and long term planning.
  • Believe in the value of integrating content to allow students to see connections.
  • Believe in using a variety of instructional strategies to meet the unique and differentiated needs of students.
  • Commit to using assessment to drive instruction.
  • Understand that well thought out lesson plans and purposefully designed activities lead to successful teaching and successful student learning.
  • Believe in the use of technology to help prepare a diverse population for the challenges of the 21st Century workplace.
  • Believe in a code of ethics for North Carolina Educators that is congruent with the university model.


Since the launch of the teacher licensure program at MACU, 14 students have graduated.  We are aware of 11 graduates using their degree in an educational occupation.  1 graduate is doing church planting with her husband in Europe.

Where They Work

What They Do

Further Education

Currituck County Schools (NC)
2nd grade teacher Barton College (AIG Certification)
Elizabeth City - Pasquotank Public Schools (NC)
3rd grade teacher University of Deleware (Special Ed Certification)
Harnett County Schools (NC)
4th grade teacher
Indian River School District (DE) 6th grade teacher  
Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools (NC) resource teacher
Newmeadow School (NY) special education teacher
Pitt County Schools (NC)
English teacher in Vietnam
Stokes County Schools (NC)

Wilmington Charter Day School (NC)  

   accurate as of Dec 2018