Academics Department of Marketplace Ministry Teacher Education Degrees/Licensure

Upon successfully completing the programs of study, undergraduates in the teacher education program will be eligible to receive a Bachelor of Science degree.

MACU does not confer a teaching license. See below for the licensure process.

All education courses, field experiences and a passing scores on the NC licensure exams are required in order to apply for a teaching license.

Licensure Process

During the student teaching term the teacher candidate needs to complete and gather the following:

  1. An Application for licensure.
  2. An official trancript from the registrar's office.
  3. "Form A," which is required for licensure. Complete it carefully and submit it at the online licensure link at
  4. "Form V," which is required for licensure. The instructions on the bottom of the form tell you to mail it, but you will be uploading it to the online licensure link.
  5. "Form OS" signed by the director of teacher education before uploading the completed form to the online licensure site.
  6. Payment must be made online. The cost is $55.

To request a NC teaching license, follow the directions on the NC Public Schools website. The director of teacher licensure will assist you with signatures aor documentation as needed.