Counseling and Psychology - Curriculum

Here you will find course descriptions for the classes required to complete the Counseling and Psychology degree program. For more information, please check the MACU Course catalog.

CO 201. Introduction to Counseling. 3 hours
A study of basic counseling techniques and application to a wide range of problems. Following a cursory examination of the various theories of counseling, this course will concentrate on the characteristics of an effective counselor and the skills and techniques necessary to the process of helping.

CO 212. Counseling Theories. 3 hours
Study of a wide range of current practices with emphasis upon effective strategies.
Prerequisite: CO 201.

CO 423. Marriage and Family Counseling.
 3 hours
Theory and practice of marriage and family counseling, including a systemic approach to family therapy.
Prerequisite: CO 201.

CO 430. Counseling Internship Orientation.
 1 hour
This course is a preparation for counseling internship. Students examine personal traits that might have an impact on developing an appropriate counseling relationship. Students also select a site for the practicum and internship. Counseling majors only.
Prerequisite: CO 212.

CO 431. Counseling Internship.
 5 hours
This course offers the student the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in an approved setting such as a church, school, nursing home, or hospital under the supervision of a trained individual approved by the University.
Prerequisite: CO 426.

CO 432. Senior Seminar in Counseling. 3 hours
This is a course that covers a current topic in the field of counseling and psychology. The topic will change from year to year and can be twice for credit as long at the topic is different each time.
Prerequisite: Senior status or permission of instructor.

FM 307. Human Sexuality. 3 hours
This course offers a Christian perspective regarding the physical, emotional, and spiritual ramifications of the diversity that exists in society. Appreciation and respect for diversity in sexuality is developed. The course explores the positive, negative, and precautionary measures that enable rational and moral decisions while discovering God’s gift of sexuality and individuality of each person.

PS 227. Developmental Psychology. 3 hours
A study of human development throughout the lifespan, with an emphasis on how a knowledge of developmental stages is essential for people in a variety of occupations from education and counseling to health care and other areas of human service.
Prerequisite: PS 101.

PS 341. Research and Statistics for Human Services. 3 hours
This course introduces a wide variety of common statistical techniques that are used in research in the fields of education and human services.
Prerequisite: MA 161

PS 428. Abnormal Psychology. 3 hours
Abnormal Psychology is a capstone course for the Counseling and Psychology major. Students will study dysfunctional behaviors by examining the causes, preventions, and treatments. Because this is a capstone course for the program students will only be able to transfer Abnormal Psychology from another school with permission from the program advisor.
Prerequisites: senior status or permission of instructor.

Choose 2 courses from the following:

CO 228. Crisis Counseling. 3 hours
An examination of paradigms of crisis counseling that can be used in either Christian or secular settings. Emphasizes practical techniques that can be used by ministers and other professional counselors.

CO 325. Group Counseling. 3 hours
This course will provide students with an introductory level understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to lead small groups. The course will cover the theories and best practices of group counseling and principles of group dynamics.
Prerequisite: CO 201.

CO 329. Cross-Cultural Counseling. 3 hours
Designed to help students develop cross-cultural counseling skills by becoming aware of cultural differences. An emphasis is placed on self-awareness.

PS 312. Social Psychology. 3 hours
Social Psychology is a survey course designed to familiarize students with major theories, concepts, and methods of social psychology. The course will explain how an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior are influenced by the presence of other people.
Prerequisite: PS 101. 

PS 355. Adult Lifespan and Diversity. 3 hours
This course identifies the diverse responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges that adult’s face through the lifecycle. Students explore the demographic trends and family systems that impact aging, families, marriage, and culture. 
Prerequisite: PS 227.