Youth and Family - Curriculum

Here you will find course descriptions for the classes required to complete the Youth and Family Ministry degree program. For more information, please check the MACU Course catalog.

CO 201. Introduction to Counseling. 3 hours
A study of basic counseling techniques and application to a wide range of problems. Following a cursory examination of the various theories of counseling, this course will concentrate on the characteristics of an effective counselor and the skills and techniques necessary to the process of helping.

FM 201. Introduction to Family Ministry. 3 hours
Examination of foundational issues in youth and family ministry, including developing a philosophy of family ministry, components of a balanced family ministry program, and how to begin a new youth or family ministry.

FM 211. Parenting Models. 3 hours
Strategies and techniques for parenting are numerous in our society. This course offers students insight to assist parents in the challenge of raising children in a culture that is consistently changing. The challenge of parenting throughout the lifecycle requires flexibility, adaptation, responsibility and managing changing roles to assure effectiveness.

FM 229. Teaching for Spiritual Transformation. 3 hours
This course will use a hands-on approach to exploring various resources and methods used to present the scripture to students and families. Specific areas of exploration will include resources for teaching, teaching through small groups, mentoring, and interactive teaching techniques. Guest lecturers who are professionals in family ministry will further cover relevant areas of methodology.

FM 401. Legal and Administrative Issues in Family Ministry. 3 hours
The family is the basic social unit of society. Some of our earliest laws were enforced in an attempt to protect and preserve families. This course explores the interwoven connection of families with public policy and laws. Basic Administrative theory and practice that protects the church and its families are explained in detail. 

GM 471. Ministry Seminar. 3 hours
This course provides essential information for the student preparing to enter into Christian ministry. Topics included are family life, applying and interviewing for ministry, communication in ministry, conflict management, as well as finances and taxes for the minister. Also covered are practical aspects of ministry such as hospital visitation, calling, and time management.

GM 480-482. Internship in Christian Ministries: Orientation, Experience, Evaluation. 
On the job training under the direction of a field mentor in the student’s chosen area of ministry. Any preparation provided by outside agencies will not replace the prescribed MACU sequence.
Prerequisite: approval of program advisor (0, 0, 6 credits)

LE 212. Leadership. 3 hours
Leadership is influence. Spiritual leadership is influencing an organization to pursue a spiritual vision. Servant leadership allows for appropriate and effective leadership in all organizations. This course will review multiple Biblical case studies and review the current best practices in leadership. Students will have the opportunity to create a strategic map for the development of spiritual leadership in a faith-based organization or servant leadership in a non-faith-based organization. 

PS 227. Developmental Psychology. 3 hours
A study of human development throughout the lifespan, with an emphasis on how a knowledge of developmental stages is essential for people in a variety of occupations from education and counseling to health care and other areas of human service.
Prerequisite: PS 101.

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FM 307. Human Sexuality. 3 hours
This course offers a Christian perspective regarding the physical, emotional, and spiritual ramifications of the diversity that exists in society. Appreciation and respect for diversity in sexuality is developed. The course explores the positive, negative, and precautionary measures that enable rational and moral decisions while discovering God’s gift of sexuality and individuality of each person.

PM 271. Introduction to Preaching.
 3 hours
Introduction to the theory and practice of the preparation and delivery of sermons, with emphasis on topical and textual messages.
Prerequisite: SC 171.
Corequisite: GB 201.

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FM 235. Contemporary Youth Problems. 3 hours
This course is designed to acquaint the student with problems young people face. The student will do individual research and report on certain problems. Outside speakers may share insights concerning youth problems. 

FM 241. Introduction to Campus Ministry. 3 hours
This introductory course in campus ministry will introduce the student to the Biblical and philosophical bases for campus ministry. Attention will be given to the history of campus ministry and to the study of contemporary university culture. Special attention will be given to the preparation, role and work of the campus minister. Basic strategies of ministry as well as organizational concerns will be addressed. 

FM 419. Children's Ministry. 3 hours
A course examining the principles and methods for effective ministry to children, birth through fifth grade. Special attention will be given to discipline, teaching, worship, and evangelism.