Youth and Family

Welcome to MACU's Youth and Family Ministry Program Page!

It's bigger than a stepping stone. It's sooner than the church of tomorrow. It's deeper than babysitting. It's a call to one of the most difficult yet rewarding ministries in the kingdom. And I pray it's what God has in mind for you.

Almost every person has seen that families have the ability to empower or damage young people's potential.  In my 25 years of ministry, I have become passionate about helping young people and families develop Christian values.  The Youth and Family Ministry program offers the skills to work with families through the life cycle. 

"Introduction to Family Ministry" lays a strong theological foundation for a faithful and relevant ministry to students. "Teaching for Spiritual Transformation" focuses on current trends and practical ways of reaching a postmodern generation.
Even with all the formal academics in place, it's the relationships you will form among fellow Christians who believe in the power of family ministry that will equip you the most. 

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