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  Here you will find course descriptions for the classes required to complete the Missions Aviation degree program. For more information, please check the MACU Course catalog.

CC 181. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. 3 hours
This introduction to world missions includes five topics in survey form: the biblical basis of missions, the historical development of missions, the cultural aspect of world missions, strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission, and the current situation and future trends of world missions.

CC 283. Historical Models of Christian Missions. 3 hours
For over two millennia, Christians have been preaching the gospel in diverse cultures through diverse methods. This course analyzes the main methods used in world missions and the results that each method has produced. Models of mission used through the centuries are critiqued biblically with a goal of discovering models that are appropriate for today’s missionaries.

CC 286. Cultural Anthropology. 3 hours
This course allows students to understand the diverse cultures of the world through participant observation of the culture’s life cycle and subsystems. With a goal of being able to learn another language and culture in order to translate the Bible, share the gospel in local languages, and plant churches with indigenous leaders, the student will learn tools of analysis for cultures developed from anthropology.

CC 387. Cross-Cultural Communication. 3 hours
Tools of cultural anthropology are used to understand how to communicate with a person of another language and culture for the purpose of Christian witness. Through cultural analysis, the use of appropriate media is discussed.

CC 388. Missionary Life and Work. 3 hours
Practical aspects of becoming a missionary and living and working in another culture are covered in this course. Beginning with choosing a field, support-raising, motivating local churches to form partnerships with the missionary, and selecting a mission agency, the course walks the missionary candidate through the steps necessary to maintain a healthy life and relationships in mission fields. Group and family dynamics are discussed as well as relations with indigenous people. Finally, reentry to life in the United States is covered.

CC 481. Strategies for World Evangelization. 3 hours
Using the Book of Acts as a template, strategies for fulfilling the Great Commission are examined. Emphasis is placed on the apostolic strategy of church planting and formation of disciples who can train others.

GM 480-482. Internship in Christian Ministries: Orientation, Experience, Evaluation. 
On the job training under the direction of a field mentor in the student’s chosen area of ministry. Any preparation provided by outside agencies will not replace the prescribed MACU sequence.
Prerequisite: approval of program advisor (0, 0, 6 credits)

The following courses are offered by and taken at Elizabeth City State University (click HERE to see the ECSU catalog for course descriptions:

  • AVI 232. Aviation Safety. 3 hours
  • FLT 110. Private Pilot Ground. 3 hours
  • FLT 115. Private Pilot Flight. 2 hours
  • FLT 225. Cross Country Flight. 2 hours
  • FLT 320. Instrument Ground. 3 hours
  • FLT 325. Instrument Flight. 2 hours
  • FLT 330. Commercial Ground. 3 hours
  • FLT 335. Commercial Flight. 2 hours
  • FLT 450. Confined Area Operation. 2 hours