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Full Time Faculty

Claudio D. Divino Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry and Chair of the Department of Christian Ministry (2014).
B.Th., Faculdade Batista Teológica de São Paulo; 
M.Div., Emmanuel Christian Seminary; 
D. Min., Emmanuel Christian Seminary. 
Additional graduate work Hope International University 
Kendall S. Greene Professor of Family Ministry (2006). 
B.S. in Bible, Cincinnati Christian University; 
Teaching Certificate (English), College of Mount Saint Joseph; 
M.Min., Kentucky Christian University; 
M.Ed. Milligan College; 
Ed.D. in Leadership, Saint Mary’s University. 
Certified Family Life Educator – National Council on Family Relations.

Adjunct Faculty

A. Eugene Andrews, Jr.  Ministry (1989). 
B.A. in Bible, Mid-Atlantic Christian University; 
M.Min. in Preaching and M.Div. in Practical Studies, Cincinnati Christian University; 
D.Min., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. 
R. Bane Angles Ministry (2013). 
B.A. in Practical Ministries, Bluefield College of Evangelism; 
M.A. in Practical Ministry and M.Div. in Leadership, Cincinnati Christian University; 
D.Min., Ashland Theological Seminary.
Curtis J. McGinnis Ministry (2013). 
A.A. and B.A. in General Studies and Biblical Studies & Theology, Crossroads College; 
M.A. in Practical Ministry, Cincinnati Christian University;
M.Div., Cincinnati Christian University; 
D.Min. in Church Leadership (Organizational Systems), Bethel University.
Richard J. Meister

Cross-Cultural Ministry (2012).
B.A. in Applied Linguistics and Biblical Studies, Mid-Atlantic Christian University; 
Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics; 
M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. 

Robert B. Reese Cross-Cultural Ministry (2008).
B.S. in Mathematics, Harding University; 
M.S. in Mathematics, Northwestern University; 
M.A. in Missiology, Fuller Theological Seminary; 
Ph.D. in Missions, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.