Ministry - Curriculum

Here you will find course descriptions for the classes required to complete the Ministry degree program. For more information, please check the MACU Course catalog.

CC 181. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. 3 hours
This introduction to world missions includes five topics in survey form: the biblical basis of missions, the historical development of missions, the cultural aspect of world missions, strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission, and the current situation and future trends of world missions.

CO 201. Introduction to Counseling.
 3 hours
A study of basic counseling techniques and application to a wide range of problems. Following a cursory examination of the various theories of counseling, this course will concentrate on the characteristics of an effective counselor and the skills and techniques necessary to the process of helping.

GM 201. Strategic Leadership in Ministry. 3 hours
A course designed to develop leadership potential in students and to give them a familiarity with the various elements of the administrative process, including: goal setting and achieving, organization, delegation, human relations, group dynamics, supervision and the training of other leaders. Though the principles are universal, the focus of the course is the local church. Students will have an overview of the biblical perspective on leadership. Students will have the opportunity to create a strategic map for the development of spiritual leadership in a faith-based organization or servant leadership in a non-faith-based organization.

GM 471. Ministry Seminar. 3 hours
This course provides essential information for the student preparing to enter into Christian ministry. Topics included are family life, applying and interviewing for ministry, communication in ministry, conflict management, as well as finances and taxes for the minister. Also covered are practical aspects of ministry such as hospital visitation, calling, and time management.

GM 480-482. Internship in Christian Ministries: Orientation, Experience, Evaluation. 
On the job training under the direction of a field mentor in the student’s chosen area of ministry. Any preparation provided by outside agencies will not replace the prescribed MACU sequence.
Prerequisite: approval of program advisor (0, 0, 6 credits)

Choose 18 credit hours of electives from Counseling, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Family Ministry, General Ministry, Preaching Ministry; Worship and Music