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Mid Atlantic Christian University has a long tradition of equipping missionaries for the whole world. Today, the world is changing rapidly but the mission of Jesus and his church remains the same - to proclaim repentance and forgiveness of sins through our Savior (Luke 24:47). With the nations coming to America, every minister of the gospel now needs cross-cultural skills. At Mid-Atlantic Christian University, that's what the Cross-Cultural Ministry major and minor are all about. If you share in the desire to learn how to minister across cultural barriers anywhere in the world, please consider joining us.

Listen to what one MACU graduate has to say about the Cross-Cultural degree program.

"Mid-Atlantic gives you the opportunity to strengthen the foundations of your faith and helps build your confidence to share your convictions with others." - Karen Richardson, 1987 graduate, France


Bachelor of Arts - Required Courses


135 Semester Hours

Biblical Studies Major 48 Semester Hours
General Studies 39/40 Semester Hours
Languages 12 Semester Hours

Cross-Cultural Ministry Major

36 Semester Hours

Course Schedule and Checklist


Bachelor of Science - Required Courses


123 Semester Hours

Biblical Studies Major 48 Semester Hours
General Studies 39/40 Semester Hours
Cross-Cultural Ministry Major 36 Semester Hours
Course Schedule and Checklist

Students successfully completing the Cross-Cultural Ministry major will:

  1. know the biblical basis, historical trends, and current situation in world missions;
  2. learn how to learn another language and culture;
  3. analyze the worldviews of major world religions and folk religions;
  4. demonstrate practical skills of cross-cultural communication and sensitivity to other cultures;
  5. develop a plan to communicate the gospel effectively in other cultures;
  6. learn how to motivate others to support world missions.
Program Includes:
  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • Historical Models of Christian Missions
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • World Religions
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Missionary Life and Work
  • Strategies for World Evangelization 
  • Internship

Reflections from MACU students after returning from a summer missions trip as part of their degree program.

"I want everyone to know that this semester trip was an amazing gift from God. God showed me and used me more on this trip than I ever thought possible, but nothing is impossible with God. He answered all my prayers that I prayed prior to the trip and during the trip and He truly amazed me. I am very thankful to all and I want everyone to know that I have no doubts now what God wants me to do. He wants me to be a cross cultural missionary." - Shaun Cooper
em>"When I first came to this city of 1.5 million that is roughly 99% Islamic, I had certain stereotypes about the people that I would be working with. I imagined them to be harsh and filled with hate for me and my religion. However, I spent several months living with an Islamic family here. I ate like they ate, slept like they slept, socialized with their friends and neighbors, and built strong friendships with them. The thing that I learned is that most Muslims are not like the typical stereotype that we have of them. We often visualize them as being terrorists and haters of Christians, but the truth is that they are normal people. They love each other just like we do. The only problem is that they have been tragically misled. As I grow closer to these people, I realize that they desperately need to come into contact with Jesus. They could be released from their fears and be given eternal hope - something that is foreign to the religion of Islam. That's why I'm here. I pray that others would join me in this endeavor." - MACU Graduate, Southeast Asia