Department of Biblical Studies

Academics Department of Biblical Studies

The Heart of the MACU Curriculum

Thoroughly Equipping Christian Leaders. The mission of the Department of Biblical Studies is to provide the student with a general knowledge of the Old and New Testaments and biblical doctrine and to equip the student with the resources for more in-depth study and lifelong learning. The focus of these studies will be on content, interpretation, and application. The goal of these studies will be personal spiritual growth, preparation for leadership roles in church ministry, and effective evangelism both locally and globally.  Historically MACU is a part of the Bible college movement. This means that all students seeking a four-year degree, no matter what his or her professional track, complete a sequence of biblical studies courses. 

Meeting a Broad Range of Student Interests. Students can pursue any of several levels of study. Here is a list of the programs offered by the department with the hours of course work in Bible and theology.

Faculty: Lee M. Fields, ChairKevin W. Larsen; R. Russell Mack; Stuart S. Paul; Eddy F. Sanders; Robert W. Smith; Matthew A. Stead; Ronnie J. Woolard

What are Alumni Saying? 

No matter how excellent, four years of biblical education cannot provide enough material to fill four decades of ministry.  But if a school equips its ministry students with a hunger for truth, an eye for the application of truth, and the ability to excavate the Bible’s infinite supply of truth, 40-50 years is too little time to share it all.  MACU prepared me for a lifetime of fresh, relevant ministry.  If there are occasions when God’s word comes alive in the church I serve, those moments can be traced back to the MACU campus and classrooms where I was loved, taught, and trained in life-changing ways.

--Eddie Lowen, West Side Christian Church, Springfield, IL