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Icon-Preach.png (256x256)pxMinistry Major (Preaching Concentration)

Students in the Ministry Major may choose to fill 12 of the 18 ministry hour electives with the following preaching courses.  Students who complete this option will have a major in Ministry with a preaching concentration.  


Details on the Ministry Major may be found here.


Suggested Sequence of Courses for Bachelor of Arts
Suggested Sequence of Courses for Bachelor of Science


The University Board of Trustees has established a "Position Statement" on the role of women and the preaching ministry. The position statement may be read by clicking on the hyperlink. 

HM 202 Preaching Practicum – Is a continuation of the course Introduction to Preaching. It is a lab where the student will have opportunity to put into practice, through regular classroom preaching the principles learned in Introduction to Preaching.  3 credit hours
HM 301 Expository Preaching – The course addresses the theory and practice of expository preaching through research, organization, delivery, and criticism of expository sermons. 3 credit hours
HM 302 Preaching Biblical Genres – The course will explore the different literary genres in Scripture (e.g., narrative, wisdom, prophecy) and how to appropriately interpret them; look at what it means to preach different biblical genres to a modern audience taking into account worldview and culture; and help students to develop biblical messages that are appropriate to the relevant genres being sensitive to communication principles. 3 credit hours
HM 400 Topics in Preaching – The course will address special topics related to preaching. Topics addressed may vary from year to year, topics may include preaching for special occasions, use of media in preaching, narrative preaching, preaching on sensitive issues, connecting with the audience through audience targeting and segmenting. 3 credit hours

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Preaching Minor

Students in a degree program other than a ministry major may declare a minor in preaching.  Students who minor in preaching will complete 15 semester hours in preaching.  Students will take  HM 201 Introduction to Homiletics (The course introduces the student to the theory and practice of the preparation and delivery of sermons, with special attention to the various sermonic forms [topical, textual, biographical, and narrative sermons]) prior to taking the four courses identified above. 

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