Associate of Arts: General Studies - Learning Outcomes

Required Courses


61 Semester Hours
General Studies - 34 Semester Hours
Biblical and Theological Studies - 12 Semester Hours
Open Electives - 15 Semester Hours
Course Schedule and Checklist
  Students successfully completing the Associate of Arts: General Studies will:
  • engage meaningfully through writing in personal, academic and professional discourse, producing documents that are unified, coherent, well developed, and which adhere to standard grammar, style and appropriate form;
  • engage meaningfully through speaking in personal, academic and professional discourse, producing oral presentations that are coherent, well developed, and effectively delivered;
  • evaluate information and assertions based on sound reason and develop logical argumentation to resolve problems and apply processes or new information in new situations;
  • access, evaluate, and utilize information from both print and digital media to promote understanding while holding to the standards of academic and professional integrity;
  • engage effectively in quantitative reasoning applying basic arithmetic and algebraic computations in problem solving and in the interpretation of quantitative data;
  • demonstrate an informed awareness and appreciation for the Christian worldview.