Department of Arts and Sciences

Academics Department of Arts and Sciences

Faculty: Robert W. Smith, Chair; Bobby K. Adams; Kimberly A. Bracey; Mary-Lynn Chambers; John Mark DiMichelle; Evan S. Fiedler; Joanna S. Kuhn; Melissa I. Lewis; Abigail R. Mirau; James L. Owens; John L. Pace; Elizabeth S. Reid; Joshua D. Sawyer; Kathy R. Smith; Gerry R. Woodworth

The Department of Arts and Sciences educates students in foundational knowledge and skills for a broad range of service in society and provides specialized programs of education in disciplines that enable students to make an impact as transformational Christian leaders in the church and the world.

Programs include:

Applied Linguistics



Science Education

Associate of Arts: General Studies

 Associate of Arts: General Studies (Nursing Preparation Track)